Avocado-green melamine plate and spoon are left in the sink for Jaya to wash. It’s 9 am, half an hour as office started, and she’s not around yet. Dressed up, I sink into sofa, sipping green tea from ‘I love you Paris’ mug. Ten minutes later our melodious bell rings. I let Jaya in, going through my Facebook timeline. From our Marathi-Hinglish chit-chat I get the latest news about her husband, children and neighbours on the third floor. Once bustling daily cleaning is done, I’m finally free to leave for office.

I pack three bags and laundry for ironing into the boot, start the car along with my ‘amour du jour’ – Nat King Cole’s ‘Just you, Just Me’. Five-minute drive and my day in office starts.

In meanwhile Mr. Sharma attends Industrial Design Conference in Hangzhou. I went to drop him off at Pune airport late Sunday afternoon. “Do all what you’re not getting time for!”, – he said, giving me a hug. I returned home, contemplating.

Our time with Sudhir is always action. If we’re not in office, we’re at parents’ place or meeting someone, or driving somewhere, or watching movie, or shopping. Hardly once or twice a week we go directly home. And that’s what i covet the most, – few hours of relaxed quality time in the evening.

I make soup for dinner and go for speed-walk around society. Pleasantly tired, I indulge myself with bowl of hot broccoli cream and ‘Sex and the City’ episode. Then meditate for some time, relieving officious thoughts and emotions, or linger over ‘My Brilliant Friend’ by Elena Ferrante.

This little solitude is my fulfilment and rejuvenation time. It makes me reconnect to myself and crave for busy evenings again. The only thing i love more than peace and quiet is companionship of my husband. I miss him when alone, awaiting those few WhatsApp lines or quick phone call. I’ve learnt not to take marriage for granted, but thankfully cherish everything it brings.

Sudhir is on the way home from China and wife in me already foretastes preparing his favourite Indian meals.

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