My Bollywood times

Mr. Sharma is rewatching Sultan on TV, while I’m writing in our bedroom. To say he loves movies, is not to say anything. If by any chance it’s a holiday and we’re home, Sudhir would easily watch 4-5 movies that day – Bollywood masala followed by ski-fi action, topped with a thriller by the end. I would join him for romantic comedy, while cooking breakfast and lunch in between, and hide away with a book if there’s violence on screen. Films number is the way to measure his flight lengths as well. Sudhir saw eight movies in a row on the way to New York last year.

I’m very choosy, when it comes to cinema. I treat it like a good wine – foretaste the idea, check reviews, read labels and then enjoy it. Probably because my first love is books. And probably movies is not the only way to spend good time in Kyiv. There’re parks, theatre, live jazz, pubs, concerts, art galleries, reading sessions, beach summertime turning to skiing and skating wintertime. I’ve never been to a movie theatre with my parents. I explored it later-on, during college years.

Cinema is one of the things I’ve grown to love in India. With the national Bollywood obsession and film connoisseur husband, it’s just unavoidable. I’m lucky to watch and appreciate movies with him.

Along with dining out and cricket, it’s the most preferred choice to spend leisure time with family, friends and colleagues. There’s whole shebang making it easily accessible. You check reviews, choose the theatre, timings, seats and book it right from your phone. The part i love the most – printed ticket time is almost gone, – just scan QR code on mobile or Apple watch, and you’re in. Then indulge yourself with snacks and drinks at your seat. That’s what movie experience is about!

I can’t imagine this happening in Ukraine. During one of our visits we were eager to watch new Batman. It was warm summer afternoon when we dropped into box office of Kyiv, one of the oldest cinema halls at Leo Tolstoy square. The only visitors studying show timings in the middle of huge hall with granite floor, we stayed unnoticed by ticketing lady. This chubby aunty with curly short hair stared at tiny black-and-white TV behind the thick darkened glass with a hole, when we asked for tickets. Without checking seating preference, she issued two paper stripes, mentioning that if there’s less than ten people for the show, she will refund it. We saw Batman that night along with another six film enthusiasts in a whole hall. Surrealistic experience for a couple from India.

I hope Ukrainian cinema improves, and till then we’ll enjoy movie night outs in Pune. Last Saturday I got two tickets for latest Bollywood release – Mirzya. Fifteen minutes through this Indian version of Romeo-Juliet romantic thriller, i realised it undoubtedly turns to be a flop. So what?! Nothing can spoil a date!

Today’s excitement – we’re going for release of Inferno at first IMAX in Pune, starring my favourites Tom Hanks and Irrfan Khan. Looks like i’m going to see more Hindi movies than Russian, Ukrainian and English together in my life.

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