Groundhog day with a little magic

There’s something about me i’m totally embarrassed to share.

Well.. Have you ever put three alarms and ignore all of them in a row?

That’s what every single morning i go to office looks like.

6.15 am. My alarm rings gently. I hear it and in the back of my mind muse.. Okay, it’s just 6, so i can sleep till 7.

“Can you switch it off..”, – murmurs my husband from the opposite side of the bed.

Oh yes, i forgot to snooze it, or turn it off. Looks like my body perceives alarm sound as background noise. I stretch my hand and reach out to the ding sound of the phone.

7.00 am. My alarm rings gently second time. I disable 7.30 alarm in a hope that now i’ll make it to be up in just few minutes. Mr. Sharma is up. He’s already gone to pick up morning newspapers, daily left by newspaper-wala at the doormat outside and make two cups of warm water. I struggle to open my eyes, when i hear him leafing through wide sheets full of ‘Breaking news’. When i finally do, Geese.. it’s 7.45 and i need to run.

While my limbs are still dormant, my mind is overwhelmed..

What should i make for breakfast? Would paratha be faster or chilly cheese toast, and not too much chilly, – Sudhir doesn’t like it. I have around 45 minutes to finish everything. Oh no, it’ll take too much time to chop okras?! Then probably paneer kadai will do today? Thank God i have freshly ground spices for at least 2-3 meals.

I wash my face with lukewarm water, – it gets so hot during the day in Pune, that water in the pipeline almost doesn’t require heating. What happens next is kinda meditation, – I chop veggies and kneed chapati dough with my knuckles, while sipping bitter coffee from Nespreso machine. This is the time Magic happens, – my mind goes blank and i suddenly become Doer and Observer at the same time. I’ve always been amazed how blend of greens, spices, heat and human energy, which means balance of good mood and right attitude, produces a Good meal. Intake of a Good meal nourishes our body, the Temple of the Soul. And this is something any loving woman does for her family.

8.30. I’m back. Sitting at dining table with ready-to-leave-for-office Mr. Sharma and quickly chewing a Good breakfast, packing a Good meal into the lunchbox. Stuck in his phone, he doesn’t notice, when i disappear into the bathroom along with my second cup of coffee. Yes, i do have coffee while having bath too! That’s how it takes me just 15 minutes to get ready and start my day.

I often wonder, if i wake up into the morning of the same Day, which like Groundhog day repeats itself. Once i find formula to break it, will surely share it. And till then, enjoying the Prose of ‘non’-Indian ‘non’-housewife.

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