My Bollywood times

Enjoying story?Mr. Sharma is rewatching Sultan on TV, while I’m writing in our bedroom. To say he loves movies, is not to say anything. If by any chance it’s a holiday and we’re home, Sudhir would easily watch 4-5 movies that day – Bollywood masala followed by ski-fi action, topped with a thriller by the end. I would join him for romantic comedy, while cooking breakfast and lunch in between, and hide away with a book if there’s violence on

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For the Love of the written word

Enjoying story?I love books. I read less and less though since i became Mrs. Sharma. I keep on collecting books on my overloaded wooden shelf in semi-dark cabinet en route from living room to bedroom. We’ve never got that central light repaired since we moved in a year back, right after the wedding. There are certain things in indian house which i could never get started, leave it alone to get done. Half of the temple (Idols of Hindu gods)

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